National Florist Day: 8th June 2024 - British Florist Association

National Florist Day: 8th June 2024

National Florist Day has been created by Caroline Marshall-Foster to celebrate the floral industry. Supported by a variety of industry suppliers, all florists can get involved!

Below is all the info you need to take part in every aspect. We’ve asked them what it’s all about and here is what they had to say………..

What is it?

An awareness day to celebrate all that is wonderful about flowers, floristry and florists and designed to create Pride, Passion and Sales!

How will it work?

Just like Red Nose Day, McMillan Coffee Mornings etc National Florist Day will be a combination of consumer facing PR and Marketing generated from central office but predominantly led by florists ‘doing their thing’ around the UKand Ireland. If all goes to plan, we could see over 600 florists shouting loud and proud about their industry to create a strong united message throughout the regions!

When is it?

June 8th with a one week build up to create momentum and interest.

Why take part?

Being able to shout loud and proud about your skill and the industry is paramount. A real case of proving it’s not just playing with flowers!

Obviously generating sales is important but being part of a movement that is collectively working together to share the same message is key and will make the day so much more powerful.

In terms of individual businesses, it’s a way of creating local customer interest, connection and PR using a central message which allows content to be created without looking like it’s a hard sell.

By using our prompts and adding in our traffic building ideas florists can put out strong messaging that will get more people to connect with them.

What’s happening?

Lynch pin is the marketing tool kit which will be sent free of charge to every registered florist. The content will also form the basis of our consumer facing promotion and PR.

What’s in the Marketing Tool Kit

1. I’m in the Movement decals and logos to use on their channels.
2. Step by Step and Day by Day Guides to making the most of their involvement. 3. Ready to use Press Release templates and guidance on liaising with the media. 4. Social Media Assets – a range of designs to cover all messages.
5. Banners for website and social media pages
6. Instagram challenge Themes/messaging/ideas
7. Marketing and traffic building ideas
8. How to do it Webinars

What else is happening?

Website Hub

This will house all the stories we are going to write about the industry, what it does, what it is doing … especially in relation to sustainability … who is involved … how it all connects and why floristry is a serious career option.

Faces of Floristry

A way to honour all the heroes in the industry be it growers, wholesalers, suppliers, florists, tutors, students and drivers.

The top 100 will receive a special digital certificate, be featured on the National Florist Day website, and be included in the National Florist Day consumer promotion.

Do you know a Flower Industry Hero? Then now’s your chance to make sure everyone knows about them. Because nominations have opened for the 2024 Faces of Floristry part of National Florist Day

You’ll need to register them on the special form – and you’ll need their email, a picture and some words as to why you think they are fab – but it’s a fabulous chance to share the love about all the awesome people who make up our industry and give them a very public pat on the back.

It’s totally free, every nominee will get an asset to share on their channels and all will be in the running to be part of the 100 Faces of Floristry pages on the National Florist Day website. 

So, whether it’s a wonderful grower, your favourite wholesaler, a florist shop with awesome service or a florist whose designs have made you smile, a fantastic delivery driver who literally went the extra mile, a tutor who inspired you, a student who has excelled or any one of the hundreds of wonderful suppliers out there, nominate them now. 

As we say you’ll need to complete the form with their email, phone number and a picture and write a short paragraph as to why you think they are awesome but it won’t take long and it’s a very lovely way to say you think someone is special. 

Just click the link to get started and let’s start shouting loud and proud about our fabulous people! 

#proudtobeaflorist #nationalfloristday #facesoffloristry #flowermagician 

The Clematis has been chosen as the FoF Flower and is one of our 2024 Iconic Blooms. Thanks @Marginpar for the wonderful pictures – you can see the whole collection and dreamy designs on their website

Flower of the Year

National Florist Day are creating a list of ten (or maybe more!) iconic flowers that we reckon every home should have! We will invite people to submit suggestions and why but will also create a series of Flower in Focus assets which can be used by everyone. The Clematis is the first one!

Songs for Florists

National Florist Day are creating a NFD Playlist and will invite florists to nominate their own songs for it … obvs Miley Cyrus will be in there!

Facebook Group

National Florist Day will be setting up a Facebook group just for stakeholders and florists registered to take part. Not only will this allow us to share tips and tricks but create a unique self-help and supportive community.

At the BFA we’ll look forward to seeing all the activity during the week to celebrate our amazing industry. Best of luck to all involved!

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