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Sunflower for Ukraine

One florist has come up with an idea for our industry to collectively help the Mothers and Children of Ukraine this Mother’s Day.

You may recognize her as the bonkers lady from the BBC apprentice, BFA member Elizabeth McKenna.
The concept is: ‘This Mothers Day give £1 for the mothers of Ukraine’. FLOWER FOR UKRAINE
The idea is that when someone buys something on a business’s website they can make donation by ‘purchasing’ a product add on in the same way as cards or chocolates. They can also promote the appeal in the business and make collections and share the appeal on social media to gain interest.

From there the business pays over the proceeds directly to the DEC Humanitarian Appeal via ActionAid, JustGiving page FLOWER FOR UKRAINE.

Everything you need is available for download including the ‘product’ images and suggested wording, website links, graphics for websites and social media, printable posters and cards, and website copy.

How can YOU take part?

There are two ways you can help, take part, and spread the word.

1:  Use the resource pack at and add the donation option to your website.  It is so simple to set up yourself or you can ask FloristPro to pop it on your site if you have are one of their clients. You then simply total it up and send the donations to the dedicated SUNFLOWER FOR UKRAINE JustGiving page.

2:  You use every contact and channel you have – be it customer lists or social media – to promote the initiative using the marketing material I have set up … again linking to the JustGiving page which will send the money to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and be matched by Government funding. 

These are the social media handles for The Sunflower Appeal

twitter  @sunflowerappeal

instagram @sunflowerforukraine

facebook  @TheSunflowerAppeal

tag/tweet up/mention what you are doing and see how everyone else is getting on 

Elizabeth said
“I have been really affected by the awful situation in Ukraine. I wanted to do something in my business. I thought the perfect opportunity is to capture the Mother’s Day trading.
Then I thought why just me, if lots of us get together we can do some special. We are all super busy, so I knew I needed to provide something quick and easy that any business can use and access easily.”
“I set up a JustGiving page and created a website with a set of resources that can be easily accessed and downloaded by anyone and used however they see fit in their business.”
“The charity is DEC Humanitarian Appeal via ActionAid, all funds are paid directly to the JustGiving page by the business who takes part, people don’t even have to buy anything, they can use the links to give directly via JustGiving. It’s just so simple.”
“I feel like I’m in an episode of cross between The Apprentice and Challenge Anneka . I had a dream on the weekend. On Monday I decided to act and with a little help from my friends, by midnight Tuesday everything was set up, alongside running the business as the lone florist.”
“We are all so busy, but just a half hour to download and use this pack means we can come together and make a real difference. “ 

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