BFA Industry Meeting - British Florist Association

BFA Industry Meeting

BFA Industry meeting held at CGMA 19th February.

The BFA Industry meeting took place on the 19th February attended by the movers and shakers of our florist industry. Discussions on trade agreements, tariffs, plant passports, sustainability, digital education, apprenticeships, high street shopping, British flowers and the future of our industry took place in a packed room.

The key words of the meeting were collaboration and support.

Over the next few weeks and months the outcome of this meeting will filter through to our valued florists, suppliers and partners.

A list of the attendees are shown below

Cara Cousins – Floristpro,

Caroline Marshall Foster – The Florist

Cassie Burt – Marketing and Communications Assistant at CGMA

Chanel de Kock – Flower Council of Holland

Chris Price – Eflorist

Grant McGowan – Paper Studio

John Davidson – Tom Brown Wholesale

Katie Bennett – Strelizia

Lesley Rutter – Florismart

Lorraine Key – Teleflor International Ltd

Martijn Bergmans – Dutch Embassy

Matt Craggs – Floom

Nick Priest – Interflora

Nicole Moore –  Interflora

Paul Cooke – Chrysal

Rebecca Barrett- Marketing and Communications Director at CGMA

Simon Sterling – Direct2florist

Wendy Rea – Direct2florist

BFA Board Members

Brian Wills -Pope – Chairman

Sandie Griffiths – Training and Education Director

Nikki Meader – Retail Director

Tracy Tomlinson – Association Manager

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