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RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2018

Congratulations to:
Ellouise Hasler-Stott RHS Young Chelsea Florist of the Year 2018!
& Rebecca Hough RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2018!

Scroll down to see all the design image and medal positions.

RHS Chelsea Young Florist of the Year 2018

First session

After staging Sunday night the thrones created by our under 25yrs will be on display until Wednesday Evening. The second session with our RHS Chelsea Florist of the year competitors will then show their designs with the same schedule until the end of the show.

Simply making it this far is testiment to these florists, however, once the results are given on Tuesday pm we will bring you the all important medal positions.

Ellouise Hasler-Stott, Flowers by EG, Kent

Awarded: Gold and overall winner

Clare McAuley, CAFRE, Co Antrim

Emily Casey, Merrist Wood College, Surrey

Emily Hepworth, Persephone Violet, Wiltshire

Awarded: Silver

Emily Smith, Ammi Flowers, Wiltshire

Awarded: Bronze

Joanna Hargreaves, Myserscough College, Lancashire

Jodie Tremaine, West Malling Flowers, Kent

Awarded: Bronze

Kara Halford, Academy of Floristry, Bournemouth

Awarded: Silver

Laura Spackman, The Secret Garden, Surrey

Awarded: Silver

Louisa Cooper, Teresa’s Flowers, Wednesfield

Awarded: Silver

Megan Ingram, CAFRE, Co Antrim

Awarded: Bronze

Megan Lomas, North Warwickshire & Hinckley College, Warwickshire

Robyn Langden, Ian Lloyd Events, Cheshire

Awarded: Silver

Victoria Brennan, Flowers by Ann, Co Monaghan

Awarded: Silver

RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2018

RHS CHELSEA FLORIST OF THE YEAR – Second session. After staging Wednesday night the thrones created by our over 25yrs will be on display until Saturday Evening.  

Rebecca Hough, East Durham College, Durham

Awarded: Gold, RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year

Allan Raby, East Durham College, Durham

Awarded: Bronze Medal

Amy Shakeshaft, Bridgwater & Taunton College, Somerset

Awarded: Bronze Medal

Ann Kirkwood, CAFRE, Co Antrim

Awarded: Bronze Medal

Caroline Miller, Caroline Miller Floristry, Kent

Awarded: Silver Medal

Dean Sharpe, Dean Sharpe’s Floral Studio, Stafford

Awarded: Bronze Medal

Deborah Gough, Plantation Forest, Argyll & Bute

Awarded: Silver-Guilt Medal

Jacqueline Walsh, Myserscough College, Lancashire

Awarded: Bronze Medal

Jane Cowling, Eden, Taunton

Jane Padgham, Linda’s Florist, Kent

Awarded: Silver Medal

Laura Williams, Bridgwater & Taunton College, Somerset

Awarded Bronze medal.

Lisa Fowler, Eden, Taunton

Awarded: Silver Medal

Pippa Craigen, Merrist Wood College, Surrey

Awarded: Bronze Medal

Sian Johnson, West Malling Flowers, Kent

Awarded: Bronze Medal

Victoria Abbot, East Durham College, Durham

Victoria Antoinetta Clemson, Neill Strain Floral Couture, London

Awarded: Bronze Medal  

Essential info the competitors need to bear in mind!

Each competitor will have a platform space of 1.6m by 1.6m where they can display their throne, the throne must occupy a maximum space of 1m wide by 1m deep and 2.5m in  height. The throne can be inspired by any style or colour and there is no expectation that plant material must all be from spring plants and flowers.

What a challenge! As any one that follows the RHS Chelsea FOY competition knows it’s always a thought provoking and interesting schedule, but this year seems like it’ll test the innovation and creativity of the countries best competitive florists more than most.

We wish all the competitors the very best of luck.

How did they get to compete in the competition?

The finalists gained the highest points in the country following heats held throughout the UK organised by the BFA.

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