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The budget – how will it affect you?

Message from BFA Chairman – Brian Wills-Pope.

British florist Association budget news.

The first Budget of Boris Johnson’s majority government is just one week away, as newly-appointed chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed plans to deliver the financial statement on March 11. 

I am sure we are all waiting to see what the Chancellor has to say in next week’s budget.  In the Association’s submission to the budget process we have highlighted business rates. 

Many florists will be under the £12,000 no rates limit, but the larger florist will be over this limit so we have asked for an increase in this figure. There is a disincentive to open a second shop at the moment because as soon as you do – you have to pay business rates on both shops even if they are both below the £12,000 threshold.

The BFA have asked the Chancellor to allow small shop keepers to open at least 5 shops without paying business rates if they are below the £12,000 threshold.  We will wait and see what is announced next week.

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