Wedding restrictions update: June 2021 - British Florist Association

Wedding restrictions update: June 2021

Many florists across the UK (as well as couples) have been eagerly awaiting updates on restrictions. For Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales we still have to wait before we have more news. However, following the PMs announcement on 14th June England restrictions are changing from June 21st.

June 21st will not have all restrictions lifted, as we may have hoped, but a very welcome relaxation on some areas of weddings has been announced.

We have been working with the UK Wedding Taskforce on the Council of Representatives, as have many different associations from sectors who are all involved in creating weddings. A united voice has certainly made all the difference.

It is so important that we deliver the correct information to you so that you can move forward with your planning in a confident, legal and correct manner. Easing your stress and that of your couples and clients is what we aim to do so this is why we have waited a couple of days to make sure our advice is correct.

The Government is yet to update their guidance in writing fully but the UK Wedding Taskforce has sought clarification direct from government on the main points needing clarity. You can hear all you need to know, right now, from the link below.

The UK Wedding Taskforce update

As your Association we advise that you follow this guidance and take on board the information. The main points that will be affecting you as florists will be…..

  • There is not a restriction on tables of just 6 people. The wedding rules are relaxed and guests seating at tables may exceed this.
  • The Risk Assessment, which must be carried out for the wedding to take place, must be completed by the event organiser or planner. Where there is no planner the responsibility falls to the couple who are getting married to make sure this task is completed.

Please do listen to the full video to take advantage of all the info. Being fully informed is hugely important.

The BFA recommend that as a business you carry out risk assessments as best practice in order to keep your staff and those around them as safe as possible.

As ever if you have any question please do get in touch by emailing us on

We wish all the florists organising wedding flowers the best of luck and all your couples getting married in the next few weeks a very happy wedding day!

Risk Assessments for florists are also available in the BFA members area.

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