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365 days magazine out now

365 days
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The theme magazine ‘365 days of flowers gives meaning’ has been published and 25,000 copies find their way to florists in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, including the UK.

This magazine is published as part of the 365 days of flowers promotion campaign; aimed at stimulating sales of special flowers. The campaign is made possible by cut flower growers.

365 days concept factory

The magazine was created with cooperation and stories from florists. Over the past month, florists have been reading behind the scenes and giving their opinion. 365 days would also like to share this with you:

  • “The article about meaningful living really appeals to me. It’s a topic I’m very involved with myself and I think a lot of people are at the moment. It is nice to read that our flower profession contributes to this.
  • “I also find the article about the 5x professionals interesting.”
  • “Meaningful living. It’s nice to read what needs we all have at the moment and what the florist can add to that.”
  • “The effect of flowers on people. As a florist, we know that flowers contribute to happiness, but that it really makes you happy is good to share with the customers.”
  • “The cover is very promising. Beautiful flower work and beautiful colors.”
  • “The article about Rose Hips gives me new insights; some things I didn’t know yet. I am happy to share this knowledge with my employees and customers.”
  • “Grandparents Day. Always thought it was a clumsy ‘here you have another day’ day. With the explanation and motivation that I now know, I can come out more confident. Now do something with a coloring page, primary schools and flowers for the grandparents.
365 days concept factory
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The digital version is – soon – available via www.365daysofflowers.com

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