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Floral Business Flourish: A Comprehensive Guide to Streamlining Your Christmas Preparations

Tis the season to make your floral business bloom! With the festive spirit in the air, here’s a curated guide for florists to ace their Christmas preparations and set the stage for a successful holiday season.

Spread the Cheer Through Email

Kick off the season by emailing your customers about your delightful Christmas range. Encourage pre-orders from your wholesaler to ensure a seamless supply.

Boost Sales with Pre-Orders

Promote pre-orders to extend your advertising window and secure upfront sales. It’s a win-win strategy for both you and your customers.

Join Forces Locally

Champion shopping local by collaborating with small businesses. Host events, warm up mince pies, and distribute flyers to create a festive buzz and draw in the local crowd.

Optimise Your Website

Leverage your website to showcase floral gifts. Focus on merchandising with add-ons and utilise social media to picture bundles or gift sets that encourage upsells.

Window Wonderland

Create a captivating Christmas window display for valuable PR. Participate in local high street competitions to stand out and draw attention to your festive arrangements.

Keep yourself in customers minds

Distribute business cards or Christmas offers in bags or at workshops. Make it easy for customers to spread the word.

Cater to Memorials

Don’t forget to include memorial arrangements in your offerings. Even a simple plant for graves can bring comfort during the holiday season.

Personal Touch Pays Off

Reach out to clients who ordered last year. Surprise them with an offer to simplify their holiday organisation.

Master Social Media

Ensure your social media channels shine with high-quality images. Use platforms like Instagram reels and TikTok to inspire customers with creative styling ideas. Schedule posts in advance and run competitions to boost early orders.

Boring but Essential

Check stock levels for essentials and create a quick reference for cut-off times, codes, and delivery charges. Designate one person for customer queries to streamline communication.

Getting Extra Helpers

Plan your staff’s tasks and consider additional help if needed. Pre-plan designs, check notes from previous years, and explore extra spaces for efficiency. Prepare in advance by folding wrappings, attaching care instructions, and making bows.

Keep Your Charges Updated

Ensure all delivery charges are up-to-date and prominently displayed for staff.

Prepare Your Drivers to Ensure Smooth Deliveries

Service your vans in advance and negotiate with local taxi companies for support. Equip drivers with emergency kits and spare supplies to handle unforeseen challenges.

Daily To-Do’s

Use route planner apps for efficient deliveries if your order system doesn’t provide that already. Prioritise breaks, food, and energy drinks for your team. Happy staff work harder and more efficiently. Manage cash flow and check credit card machine rolls regularly to keep operations smooth.

Follow these tips to deck the halls and boost your floral business’s success this Christmas season! and members can follow the link below to see our Bloom Room video with Denise Murphy where florists across the UK discuss how they prep for their Christmas rush.


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