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Sunflora Ltd – Leading the way in Ecuadorian Roses!

Since the late 80s, we have established ourselves as the leading supplier of freshly cut flowers and foliage to the UK market. It began with foliage and chrysanthemums and has evolved into a providing a vast range of fresh varieties from all over the world.

Through knowledge gained from a combined 200 years of hands-on experience, as a tight-knit team we have been importing from top quality growers, raising the quality standard across the industry.

Our curiosities took us to South America, where we developed a love for Ecuadorian Roses. Forging personal relationships, we began working closely with some growers to cultivate and export these large headed roses.

These roses showed immense longevity, and when in full bloom displayed an impressively expansive petal that gave the head a full yet intricate look.

As we introduced the rose to the market, our customers began recognising the impeccable quality and soon, the Ecuadorian rose was in high demand. It was longevity coupled with the large heads that caught their attention.

Fast forward to the present day and we are proud to call ourselves the number one trusted supplier of Ecuadorian Roses to the UK market.

The special relationship now forged between us and the farms means that the final product is always one of high quality, supreme freshness and competitively priced.

As we approach the wedding season, we expect to see more and more of our customers requesting Ecuadorian grown roses. The standard that these roses has set is very high and are the go to company for them.

Our affiliation with the growers and commitment to quality means that we are well prepared for this demand. We expect to see pastel colours, dusty pinks, peaches, off whites and lavenders leading the way in colour combinations.

We have already started to receive orders from our wholesale customers wanting to avoid the rush and we will be encouraging everyone to do the same. Through careful planning, we have ensured all our growers are well prepared for the season ahead.

To ensure you, as a florist, are always receiving the best quality roses from your nearest flower wholesaler, make sure to ask for Sunflora flowers, in particular (and throughout the wedding season) the gorgeous Ecuadorian Rose. 

The Rose Mondial in White & Pink – the impressively large Ecuadorian Rose head.

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