Smithers-Oasis Supporting New Competitions - UK Florist Of The Year - British Florist Association

Smithers-Oasis Supporting New Competitions – UK Florist Of The Year

Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd, manufacturer of OASIS® Floral Foam and leading florist sundries supplier, is proud to partner with the British Florist Association to support their two brand new floristry competitions; UK Florist of The Year and UK Florist of The Year: Newcomer. Sponsorship of these exciting new competitions seems a fitting way for Smithers-Oasis to celebrate its 70th Anniversary in 2024, and is testament to the company’s longstanding support of the floral industry in the UK.

Particularly thrilling is the opportunity for the winner of UK Florist of The Year 2024 to represent the UK at the Florint World Cup of Floral Art in 2025, at the Hague, Netherlands. This global stage competition provides a unique platform for florists to showcase their skills internationally, competing alongside top talents from across the globe.

After witnessing the international talent on display at the 2023 Interflora World Cup, where Smithers-Oasis were also main sponsors, the team are thrilled to be involved once more in supporting floristry at such a high level.

Managing Director at Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd, Paul Southwick, explained: “Seeing the live floristry competitions at the Interflora World Cup in Manchester was amazing; to see the world’s top floral designers all competing, under the pressure of time constraints and limited materials. What was most astounding was how, despite having the same brief, each design turned out completely different! I think competitions are a great way for florists to expand their horizons, learn and grow – and take themselves out of their comfort zone. I am really excited to see the entries to the BFA competition heats, and to watch the live final at BFA FleurEx in September.”

By being part of these new competitions, Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd aims to foster a culture of excellence within the floral community, helping to inspire UK florists to reach new heights in their craft. By supporting both competitions, Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd is not only championing the UK’s top florists but also empowering the next generation of floral talent. The UK Florist of The Year: Newcomer competition provides a platform for emerging florists to showcase their skills and creativity, offering them invaluable exposure and opportunities for growth within the industry.

Through their sponsorship, Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd is investing in the future of floristry, nurturing a pipeline of talent that will continue to innovate and inspire for years to come.

By partnering with the British Florist Association, Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd seeks to provide florists with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed, while also promoting education and collaboration within the UK floral community. Team members from OASIS® Floral Products and FloraLife, subsidiaries of Smithers-Oasis, will be present at each of the four hub meetings where the competition heats take place; in Glasgow, Sheffield, Bristol and London.

Claire Foster, Customer Care Representative for FloraLife, remarked: “We love to get out and speak to florists, to find out what’s going on in their world and to learn how we can better meet their needs. We’re all about helping UK floral businesses to face their challenges, by leveraging our fantastic product range to allow florists to work smarter.”

As anticipation builds for the UK Florist of The Year competitions, Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd looks forward to witnessing the incredible talent and creativity that will be showcased at each event. With their support and encouragement, they hope to see florists excel not only in these competitions but also on the world stage, leaving a lasting legacy of excellence and inspiration for future generations of floral enthusiasts.

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