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Top Reasons Why Florists Love Software For Their Weddings & Events

By Myranda Sauls, PR Director of Details Flowers Software

As the PR Director at Details Flowers Software, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to witness firsthand how our software has transformed the businesses of florists worldwide. Over the past four years with Details, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the talented artists behind the blooms while watching many newcomers grow into successful entrepreneurs. What truly shines among our florists is their love for floral software, driven by the remarkable benefits it brings to their businesses. These benefits include faster bookings, creating unforgettable client experiences, and having a vast world of flowers at their fingertips. Let’s dive into the secrets of what our top florists are doing to set themselves apart and how you can integrate these practices into your business!

Faster Bookings

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, landing your next event often begins with a consultation. A recent survey conducted within our floral community found that 70% of florists consider custom proposals essential in closing clientele. We have seen this proven by our florists creating proposals on the spot during consultations, saving time and securing events faster! This is where our florists shine—they actively listen to clients, understand their thoughts, and build personal connections to create their dream proposals. With the ability to adjust designs and provide precise pricing in real-time, they bring clients’ visions to life right in the consultation room.

“Love how customisable Details is. You can add or take away items as and when you need, all to create the perfect proposal for clients.” 

For Sarah Horne of Flowers & Botanicals, customisability stands out

By listening and notating specific details, they can incorporate them into a stand-out proposal that is visually stunning, meets all of your client’s requests from the consultation, and makes you look like a rockstar in the process!

Creating Unforgettable Client Experiences

Whether suggesting customised colour palettes, incorporating specific flower varieties, or creating bespoke ideas that reflect the couple’s personalities, our florists have gone beyond providing florals and created truly memorable experiences for their clients! Upselling has become a powerful tool, allowing them to offer additional services or unique floral designs that elevate the overall event experience. 

Our florists use software to their advantage by storing past designs for quick drag-and-drop convenience in their recipe portfolio. They also save inspirational images and templates, streamlining their processes and boosting upselling opportunities, all while saving time! 

“Using Details Flowers Software has been amazing! The system is logical & intuitive. It really does everything it says it can! From creating client proposals to managing stock & invoicing, it aids your business to become more streamlined and effective. Once up & running, this system has the ability to increase productivity and fine-tune operations, which can remove a lot of stress from the floral planning process. We could not recommend Details enough for florists wishing to scale or take the next step in their floral business journey”.

Katrina Skybak Doyle, the Creative Director of Cloud Hill Flowers

Upselling isn’t limited to floral elements alone. These florists use software to coordinate and integrate non-floral elements into their proposals. This includes recommendations for lighting arrangements to create ambience, selecting scents to evoke a specific mood, or even suggesting interactive elements like flower walls or floral photo backdrops for those perfect Instagram moments. What bride would not want that viral element at their wedding? Our florists have perfected their upselling ability to increase sales closures, making the experience seamless and efficient. They create those memories that will last a lifetime and make their company stand out!

Product Catalogue at Your Fingertips

One of the standout features our florist’s love is the ability to provide clients with a virtual showroom. This interactive tool allows florists to showcase an array of blooms and hard goods available during the selected date range of the wedding. They use this as an educational opportunity to discuss seasonality, helping clients understand which flowers will be at their peak and what blooms complement selected colour palettes and decor. Our florists have said that this feature enhances their client’s appreciation for the artistry and aids in making informed decisions. 

“Flowers by Kirsty has been using Details for over a year now, and the design concepts have elevated how we present images and proposals to our wedding couples. We find the software easy to use and with lots of useful guides. The team responds well to any queries that we have.”

Kirsty Grieve of Flowers by Kirsty

Another beloved feature by our florists is the ability to manage valuable data on bloom pricing used in all events, ensuring proposal accuracy and price consistency. The time-saving aspect cannot be understated, as florists can easily pull pricing for items without waiting for their wholesaler to respond, streamlining the proposal process and improving client service.

Organisation For Creative Visionaries

Florists are constantly seeking ways to enhance organisation within their businesses. In fact, our survey revealed that 45% of florists are actively seeking organisational improvements. Our florists have said Details is a game-changer for their internal operations, providing a central hub for storing client information, preferences, and critical notes.

This level of organization becomes invaluable, especially when managing multiple weddings or events simultaneously. With all essential details in one place, from flower choices to colour preferences, florists can ensure every detail is noticed and remembered. 

Details Flowers Software has proven its organisational capabilities by assisting in coordinating events of all sizes. In 2023, Details played a key role in organising the Interflora World Cup. Karen Barnes, the Competition & Floral Décor Project Manager of the Interflora World Cup in Manchester, used Details to organise all the designs and accurately order products for the momentous event. The best part of using Details for an event of this size? Karen was able to communicate with dozens of florist volunteers using Details. They knew exactly what designs needed to be created and where they needed to go in the venue without confusion. “Details Flowers Software is helping me be super organised! It helps me with procurement, design content, and management. A one-stop shop!”

As technology continues to shape our industry, consider exploring the potential of floral software to streamline your workflow, improve client interactions, and ultimately grow your business. Our florists spend less time on business tasks and more time doing what they love—creating beautiful floral arrangements. 

If you want to love floral software as much as these florists, call us today! Take the opportunity to invest in both yourself and your business, leaving a memorable mark on your clients—just like the florists mentioned in this article. I’m excited for the journey ahead, eager to witness the growth of our florists over the next four years, and welcome even more florists, just like you, into our community! 

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