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Christmas survey results

There was a great response with 347 of you joining in to provide us with the information we needed to assist you. Below we have listed the questions and results so you can see for yourself. Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete it.

Answer ChoicesResponse PercentResponses
Retail shop business in town/ city67.25%232
Studio florist working from a unit at home26.09%90
Freelance florist working for other business’s1.16%4
Other (please specify)4.93%17
Answer ChoicesResponses
Tier 12.89%10
Tier 223.99%83
Tier 341.62%144
Tier 425.43%88
Total Lockdown0.58%2
Other i.e please specify for example if your tier was different in the case of Wales, Scotland  and NI.5.49%19

Other responses were ‘concentrated on funeral work’ or studio business that wasn’t open during the whole year and ‘shop closed but worked from home due to Covid restrictions’.

Answer ChoicesResponses
Completely Closed1.45%5
Open but operating behind closed doors41.04%142
Open when allowed33.53%116
Taking on line orders only5.78%20
Other ( please specify)8.09%28
Answer ChoicesResponses
The best year in sales I’ve ever had18.82%64
Significant increase on last year32.35%110
Slightly increased23.24%79
The same as last year5.29%18
Slightly less than last year10.29%35
Significantly less than last year10.00%34

Over 74% had a slight increase to the best ever sales for Christmas 2020. Great news.

Answer ChoicesResponses
Significantly more41.98%144
Slightly more20.12%69
About the same7.87%27
Slightly less2.04%7
Significantly less2.92%10
I don’t have a online shopping website25.07%86

This shows significantly more orders online with over 62% of florists on this survey seeing an increase from 2019.

Answer ChoicesResponses
Not applicable60.67%199
Please comment here.39.33%129

To read the comments CLICK HERE

Answer ChoicesResponses
Significantly more31.67%108
Slightly more31.96%109
About the same18.77%64
Slightly less6.16%21
Significantly less8.50%29
The majority on my orders came in the last 3 days2.93%10

The pre-ordering for Christmas deliveries was more than likely due to the lockdown rules and it shows in the top 2 responses.

Answer ChoicesResponses
Significantly more37.69%127
Slightly more31.16%105
The same8.31%28
Slightly less11.28%38
Significantly less11.57%39

Nearly 70% of florists had a noticeable increase in sales of flowers and plants than the year before. It was hard work but well worth it. The events and wedding industry has suffered though and that probably accounts for those 11.57% who saw a drop.

Answer ChoicesResponses
If yes please let us know what the issues were.26.24%90

CLICK HERE to read the comments

How did your buying costs compare to Christmas 2019?
Answer ChoicesResponses
We had an increase in our buying costs63.91%216
We had a decrease in our buying costs12.72%43
Our buying costs were the same as last year.23.37%79
 12345TotalWeighted Average
Level of satisfaction30.99%10617.54%6018.71%6416.08%5516.67%573422.7

To read all the comments CLICK HERE. A warning there are 278 of them!

The British Florist Association (BFA) is ‘not for profit’ organisation which represents approximately 8000 florists and used its database of 5540 florists with Survey Monkey for the Christmas Survey 2020. We also shared this on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The content of these results belong to the BFA and use of the content should be agreed by the BFA and accredited to the Thank you.

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