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Colombia Direct is pioneering farm to florist supply

Colombia Direct is pioneering the supply of fresh cut flowers from Colombian farms to high street florists here in the UK.

Colombia direct growing roses for florists

With over 30 years’ experience as a flower supplier in the UK, they have selected the best farms & flowers Colombia has to offer and made them more directly accessible to UK florists through their unique offering.

Rose grower in colombia

Colombia Direct are the market leaders in farm to florist supply and their goal is to deliver the highest quality flowers at the lowest possible price through supply chain innovation.

The benefits customers can enjoy are:

1) Savings passed on by cutting out the middlemen

2) Freshness guaranteed through a shorter supply chain

3) Stable year-round prices

Colombia Direct.

How it works

Antonio Porras, founder of Colombia Direct, tells us “We started with the idea of creating a platform for florists to experience  what it is like to buy directly from Colombian farms. The best Colombian flowers, from the best farms, delivered via the most efficient supply chain.

That initial idea has been at the centre of everything we have done over the years and we have continued to innovate in order to perfect the service we deliver to our customers.

We are particularly excited about our new supply chain automation tool which will help us to buck the trend of rising prices and continue to supply our customers the best at below market prices.”

Sustainability in rose growing in Colombia

Want to find out more? You can register your interest with Colombia Direct by completing our sign-up form via

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