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Digital Florists: New software to take and execute orders in your floristry business

Digital Florists was born from the ideas of Gemma from Booker Flowers, a busy florist, who was left wanting more from existing software available on the market. Gemma met Lewis, and, together they built software that incorporated all of Gemma’s organisational and delivery needs. Digital Florists is now software that could help all Florists have more time to do what they love by reducing admin and giving them the tools to run their business smoothly.

Many features have been built to make florists lives easier including:

  • The Dashboard: A dashboard designed to allow you and your team to find all the information you need to make up your orders, find your daily tasks easily. Beautifully colour coded so it is easy to see what needs to be done and by who.
  • Go Paperless: Florists can optionally go entirely paperless. With our workflow, you can reduce up to the vast majority of paper within your florist, orders need not be printed, tasks, reminders and appointments are also all integrated into your daily dashboard. Weddings and events can be planned virtually eliminating the need to print every communication.
  • Delivery Portal & Drivers App: Designed to make it easy for you to get rid of your strenuous external routing software. Digital Florists will allow you to simply create your deliveries, and then send them straight to your drivers phones, cutting out the paperwork, and sending pictures or even SMS messages within a minute of the delivery. Routing uses industry leading technology to determine the best route taking into account traffic data.
  • Notifications: Allow your customers to stay informed with customised notifications for every order. Customers are increasingly expecting proactive delivery communication, and, at peak times, the time savings keeping customers updated significantly reduces the calls you receive. Photos can be sent to customers at the point of delivery.
  • Point of Sale: We provide a POS system built for the unique workings of a florist, allowing you to create local & relay orders within your POS. It can also be used as stock control for your gift stock with barcode scanning functionality.
  • Events: Digital Florists contains a full digitised event management system. Keep track of your entire event lifecycle, from when a customer first gets in touch with you, to receiving a quote, to the day they place their order. A full wedding and events CRM. Workflows automate reminders to follow up quotes and processes such as texting after sending a quote. Easily create a shopping list of the stems you need to buy
  • Analytics: Gain invaluable insights into your business with our comprehensive analytics at your fingertips. Understand crucial aspects of your business such as returning customer rates, average order values, and total sales, presented in useful graphs. Know how many miles your drivers have driven and how many miles and deliveries they have done. Quickly and easily see which products sold well at the previous peak.
  • Audit Logging: All meaningful activity from Order Management, such as creating an order, to editing, to taking payments right through to delivery of orders are are linked to the user making this a useful management tool as you can easily see who has done what and when. Robust logging is also available for tasks, events and any other significant administrative task. This information is then compiled, and helps to provide powerful Analytics.
  • Website Integrations: We seamlessly integrate with popular website platforms like Florist Window, Shopify, Wix, and WordPress. We can even integrate with your custom website, making it easy for you to manage your online presence. We are constantly adding new integrations, so, even if we don’t support yours just yet, feel free to get in touch and we may be able to help.
  • Business Portal: Manage invoices and payments from your credit account customers with a flexible system that can send invoices out the way you and your customer wants. Reporting allows you to quickly and easily see any outstanding invoices. This information can be downloaded to integrate with your accounts software.
  • Designed with peaks in mind: We understand that what works for everyday order management needs to be managed differently at peaks. Features such as stock control and product substitution mean you can easily keep track of what has been sold, which makes it easier to determine whether bespoke products still need to be made.

The Promotion BFA members receive a 2 month live trial, no setup fees and a 10% discount for your first 12 months.

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