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FleurEx 2022 – our Debut Designers

We would like to introduce our Debut Designers for FleurEx 2022.

On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th, 3 debut designers, per day will be creating designs onstage for you to enjoy, with commentary from the fabulous Flower Circus.

As their nerves jingle on stage we hope you will be there to give them every encouragement.

Saturday 10.30am-11.30am and Sunday 10am-11am.

Emma Lucy Tuohy

Ever since childhood, I have been interested in flowers, I would watch my Nan arrange the flowers from her garden, or those my Grandad had treated her to. There was always a floral arrangement in the hallway or kitchen. While I have struggled with mental health since my teens, I found peace in floral design and it has helped me to stay creative and in touch with the beauty of nature, whilst still keeping up with current trends. I have always wanted a career that I could travel the globe with, and I found that in floristry as it is apparent in every country I visit, picking up different techniques and design ideas. I would love to have floristry as a less wasteful trade and I strive to reuse, dry and recycle many sundries and materials I can to create gorgeous, eco-friendly designs.

Aisha King

I started my floristry journey post covid in 2020 as I had found comfort in flowers throughout lockdown and later realised I had always been drawn to nature most of my life as I had grown up in the lake district. I have always led a creative path I started in the film industry, moved then to photographic styling and eventually I found floristry.  I am excited to demonstrate on the DD stage and share my work with other amazing florists as I see sharing our work and talking about our work is the best way to learn from each other. https://www.aishaking.co.uk/

Kimberley Steffen

After completing my level two floristry qualification at Moreton Morrell College, achieving a distinction and the award for outstanding achievement, in April 2022 I took over the management and rebranded a floristry shop in Bridgnorth. I started my level three floristry in September. I have a keen interest in design and enjoy being creative. I have previously worked in the legal profession and was Head of Claims for an insurance company. In 2015, seeking a new adventure, I bought a 20 acre small holding, which I am transforming into a flower farm and cider production.

Jackie Axe

(Margaret) established ‘The Flower Shop’ over 30 years ago and today it’s managed by her daughter Jackie, who was inspired and nurtured in all things floral by (Margaret) for many years.

It was a chance meeting back in 2018 when we were shortlisted for the BFA Florist Shop of the year and attend the gala dinner that we were placed on a table with Joanne Biddle and some of her students. After some lengthy conversations regarding the floristry courses, by the end of the night Jo had emailed me over all the relevant information and 4 weeks later I started on my journey towards my level 4.

Going back into learning after over 30 years was a vey daunting thought and lots of, “am I doing the right thing?” but with Jo’s guidance and the fabulous girls on the course I got through it and are now coming to the end of my Level 5. Its been an amazing journey and one that I will miss, but it has helped me so much especially implementing so much of what I have learnt into the business. I have also mad some amazing friends for life.

Catey Burn

I started floristry as an apprentice in 2017 at Funky Flowers by Kate Thomas. I completed the Level 2 and then went on to complete the level 3 work based floristry apprenticeship as well. In 2018 I was nominated and shortlisted for Berkshire Apprentice of the year, I attended an award ceremony held at Legoland, Windsor.

In 2019 I entered the World Skills competition, I made it through to the heats, where I came 2nd in my group, but unfortunately didn’t make it through to the finals. I then moved on to start work at Old Oak Floral Designers, Ascot in 2021.In 2021 I competed in the World Skill competition and, much to my surprise, Won Gold!

I have now, just started studying the level 4 at Moreton Morrell college. I am really excited to be a demonstration at Fleurex 2022, but I am also very nervous. I keep telling myself it can’t be as bad as the time I dressed up as Elton John and sung ‘I’m still standing’ on stage in front of hundreds of people! I am very keen and I am hoping this will lead to many more opportunities to demonstrate and show off my skills.

Anja Norris

I trained as a florist over 20 years ago back home in my native Germany. Following my three-year apprenticeship under a European Master florist, I spend some time working as a lead florist for a local floriculture business. However, wider horizons beckoned and I embarked on a successful corporate career in the leisure and tourism industry in the UK. I missed a creative outlet and of course floral design. Since leaving my corporate role back in 2019 to return to floristry, I have felt like coming home. My own studio business was born during lockdown in 2020 and so far has gone from strength to strength.

A seasoned and award-winning horticultural specialist with solid botanical knowledge, interest and extensive experience in horticultural produce and floral design. 2022 RHS Chelsea Silver-Gilt Medalist. 2022 BFA Wedding and Events Florist of the Year Finalist.

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