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Covid-19 wearing face masks, QR code poster and the rule of 15

In yesterdays announcement by the Prime minister it was all change again and just as we ‘kind of’ knew what was happening.

So we have listed the main points for florists making it easier for you to read what is really important to your business.

There may be different rules if you live in an area under local lockdown: and you should check local lockdown rules.

Wearing Face Masks.

Businesses and organisations will face stricter rules to make their premises COVID Secure (from 28 September):

You are required to wear a face covering in the following settings:

  • on public transport
  • indoor transport hubs
  • taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) (from 23 September)
  • shops and supermarkets
  • hospitality venues, such as pubs and restaurants, except when eating or drinking (from 24 September)
  • indoor shopping centres
  • banks and building societies
  • post offices
  • museums
  • galleries
  • cinemas and theatres
  • places of worship
  • public libraries

People are also strongly encouraged to wear face coverings in any other enclosed public spaces where there are people they do not normally meet.

People who are already exempt from the existing face covering obligations, such as because of an underlying health condition, will continue to be exempt from these new obligations.

You do not need to wear a face covering if you have a legitimate reason not to. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • children under 11
  • because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability
  • to communicate with someone who relies on lip reading
  • to avoid harm or injury; to identify yourself
  • to eat or drink if necessary

You can carry something that says you do not have to wear a face covering for medical reasons. This is a personal choice, and is not necessary in law – you should not routinely be required to produce any written evidence to justify the fact you are not wearing a face covering.

Employers must not knowingly require or encourage someone who is being required to self-isolate to come to work.

Businesses must remind people to wear face coverings where mandated. Guidance stating that face coverings and visors should be worn in close contact services will now become law (from 24 September).

Relevant guidance on face coverings is available here

QR code and track & trace

The Government are encouraging all businesses and organisations to display official NHS QR code posters at their venue entrances to help support contact tracing.

Businesses can display the official NHS QR code posters so that customers can ‘check-in’ at different premises using this option as an alternative to providing their contact details once the app is rolled out nationally (from 24 September).

Use this service to create a QR code for display in your venue. Get visitors to scan the QR code when they arrive, using the NHS COVID-19 app. This is to help trace and stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

You should create and display a QR code if you are:

  • a business, place of worship or community organisation with a physical location that is open to the public
  • an event which is taking place in a physical location

If you have more than one venue, you need to create a separate QR code for each location. You can add multiple locations in the service.

You’ll receive your QR code poster by email soon after you have submitted your information. If you have more than one location, the manager (or point of contact) for each location will also receive a unique QR code poster by email.

Our Board directors have said how easy it is. ” IT’S non teccy, really quick and simple to print off”

  • The launch of the app will take place on Thursday 24 September in England and Wales, including QR check-in at venues
  • QR codes will be an important way for NHS Test and Trace in England and NHS Test, Trace, Protect in Wales to contact multiple people if coronavirus outbreaks are identified in venues

What to do when you receive your QR code

When you receive your QR code poster you should:

  • print the poster
  • display the poster somewhere visitors can see it and scan it when they arrive, for example next to the entrance
  • ask visitors to scan the QR code when they arrive, using their NHS COVID-19 app
  • display as many posters as you need to, to avoid queues forming

If you do not have a printer, you can show the QR code on a display screen, such as a TV or tablet. Make sure it’s within reach so visitors can scan it with their mobile phones.

The BFA encourage this as best practice.

The rule of 15

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies and receptions will be restricted to a maximum of 15 people (down from 30). Other significant standalone life events will be subject to the ‘rule of six’ limits, except funerals (from 28 September).

Anyone working is not counted as part of the limit.

This guidance remains under review and may be updated in line with the changing situation.

If you live in an area that is experiencing a local COVID-19 outbreak and where local restrictions have been imposed, different guidance and legislation will apply. Please consult the local restrictions guidance to see if any restrictions are in place in your area.

For more information on weddings and civil ceremonies go to

We urge employers to take socially responsible decisions and listen to the concerns of their staff. Employers and employees should come to a pragmatic agreement about their working arrangements.

If individuals need advice, they should approach ACAS or the BFA members employment advice HR4UK advise where they can get impartial advice about work disputes.

These measures apply to England – but there may be different rules if you live in an area under local lockdown: and you should check local lockdown rules. If you are in WalesScotland or Northern Ireland, different rules may apply.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

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