World Skills update 2020 - British Florist Association

World Skills update 2020

WorldSkills UK competitions play an important part in the development of florists in training. Its about inspiring the next generations to be ambitious in their pursuit of excellence, while equipping them with life-long, world class skills. WorldSkills UK competitions play a vital role in raising standards, esteem, and levels of expertise throughout the UK and across the globe. 

Unfortunately, due to the COVID crisis, WorldSkills UK heats and final had to be cancelled.  However, we had a reasonable registration earlier in the year and we managed to keep competitors motivated with a series of on line tutorials with International Training manager Laura Leong, UKJG Lynda Owen and past World skills international competitor Elizabeth Newcombe.  We also ran a passive competition for registered competitors by way of a training exercise which was successful.  We are looking to produce training videos and talks with judges in the coming months to inspire florists into the competition 2021.”

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Team UK line up announced for EuroSkills Graz 2020!

Taking place from 6-10 January 2021

Part of the progression for WorldSkills UK competitors if they are under 23 is that they have the opportunity to earn a place in Team UK. The competitors will have been through an exhaustive year long process of regional competition, national finals, and team selection to get to this point. Now they face months of intensive training to raise their standards to elite international level, under the guidance of our their Training Managers.

The competition in Graz, which was postponed due to the Covid crisis, is seen as an important indicator as to how the UK’s skills systems measure up against key economic competitors across Europe.

We are proud that Floristry will be represented by Hannah Beckley, Warwickshire College Group.

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