Brexit update from BFA Chairman - British Florist Association

Brexit update from BFA Chairman

Brexit Update from the Chairman.

Following the appointment of our New Prime Minister it is very hard to know where Brexit is going. I have written to Michael Gove the Minister responsible for planning our exit from the EEC asking for Industry Specific advice, because as small businesses we do not have the time to wade through sheets and sheets of general information.

It is important that you check that your Dutch supplier is a UK based company, you will know this if you are paying VAT @20%.  Using these suppliers should not affect your future supplies except possibly border controls in the event of a no deal.  If you are not paying any VAT on your supplies then your supplier does not have a UK base and to continue to use that supplier you will have to become an importer and have an, Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number ( to apply.

When I get more information I will pass it on, but I am sure the next 90 days are going to be very interesting.

The BFA has lobbied continuously throughout the past three years on behalf of our Industry, this has cost money!  Where does this money come from? It comes from the BFA membership fees!  We are particularly grateful to the increase in corporate members, but  if you are not a florist member, then perhaps you may feel it is time to join the BFA, look upon it as an insurance for the future, as I am sure all florists will be grateful for flowers in their shops on the 1st November.

You can join by going to the website pay annually or quarterly.

I look forward to the support in membership please for the sake of our Industry – united we stand, divided we fall!

Kind regards

Brian Wills-Pope

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