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10 ways to Fill The Distance With Beauty

With the next 6 months looking set to continue with social restrictions, we wanted to share some ideas with you to boost your connection with consumers. The Flower Council of Holland, recently sent a strong message with its awareness campaign aimed at the public. #FillTheDistance has been used to inspire people to fill the emotional gap with flowers and plants. We hope that you have seen the promotional materials available to you, as florists, via their website. Don’t forget to keep using the #FillTheDistanceWithBeauty with your own ideas and branding. This will remind your customers to connect with each other. Together we can create great content which will benefit us all.
Here are just a few ideas to jump on the campaign……..

Create A Competition

Promote this in the shop, on your website or via social media. Ask customers to comment on your post nominating someone local who deserves flowers + an image of them in their most fancy face covering. You can pick a winner, give their chosen person some flowers and then share the story. Remember to keep using #FillTheDistanceWithBeauty

Create Seasonal Excitement

Use the change in season!, highlight colours and seasonal flowers to inspire customers to buy. A change in season gives you a great opportunity to entice customers with products they haven’t seen in a while. Use #orange or #yellow (whatever colours you are using) and #autumnvibes alongside #FillTheDistance . This gives your customers new content to look at as well as continuing the campaign for everyone.

Actually ‘fill the distance’

Image: Nicu Bocancea. Follow Nicu online for some great outdoor flower inspirations in his local community

Find a spot. The middle of a park bench? On a bus? Anywhere where there is a ‘distance space’ and fill it (with permission of course). You can create a display or small installation on your high street or local mall. Perhaps a cinema, in an empty chair? Take lots of photos and share share share! #FillTheDistanceWithBeauty

6 Month Flower Subscriptions

Flower Council of Holland Fill the Distance Dried flowers

Put a positive spin on the next 6 months. Advertise a lovely flower subscription once per month to friend or family member. Describe it as a way to #FillTheDistance and you could even ask the recipients how the deliveries made a difference to them. You can then turn the quotes into a blog post or add them into a testimonial section on your website.

Get Personal… but not up close

Flower Council of Holland Fill the Distance
Images: The Flower Lounge, Didsbury

Use customer stories, smiling photos (with permission) from happy deliveries. Create a local story of spreading joy with flowers. A day in the life of a florist delivery driver? Document it, share it and use the #FillTheDistanceWithBeauty and #FillTheDistance alongside your own hashtags.

Dried Flower Chat Circles: A Portable Personal Space

Flower Council of Holland Fill the Distance

Have fun and be silly, maybe a dried flower hoola hoop on the floor for customers to stand in. #FillTheDistance and keep your distance!. Advertise them for picnics in the park? , for any other socially distanced event, Or simply use it to make people smile. “Stand in the circle for excellent service” or “All the best customers stand here”

TikTok and Instagram stories await your daft ideas!!

Location, Location, Location

Flower Council of Holland Fill the Distance

Ask your local community of small businesses to join you in creating a gift hamper. Each month one of the businesses could pick a customer or local resident to win it. #FillTheDistance with community spirit…. and your flowers! You can offer whatever you like, fresh flowers or a voucher?

The Window Display

Flower Council of Holland Fill the Distance

Ask every customer to write down one word which describes how receiving flowers make them feel. Use the cards in a #FillTheDistanceWithBeauty window display. Put them somewhere in your shop on display or on your website.

A #FillTheDistance Loyalty Card

Flower Council of Holland Fill the Distance

It’s an oldie but a goodie!. Stamp every time a customer buys flowers from you. Offer them a discount or free flowers when they have enough stamps. Suggest using it to #FillTheDistance and cheer someone up.

Use The Plant Trend

Flower Council of Holland Fill the Distance

Keep a small plants area as well as your larger plants so that there is always a great selection. Small plants are great for a grab and go! #FillTheDistance for Grandparents day 2020 (4th October) or promote them as a nice surprise for hard working teachers.

Continue to use the hashtag #FillTheDistanceWithBeauty And #FillTheDistance with any Social media that fits the theme. Feel free to make it your own but let’s help each others businesses connect to the public and bring a smile to peoples faces.

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