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Workshops: Can florists host workshops?

Please note that the information below is not relevant during 2nd lockdown November 2020

The BFA have been writing to BEIS over the last month as we know that many Florists rely on workshops during the winter months to boost sales and connect with consumers. Covid rules wording has put many in an unsure position and left you wondering. Can we or can we not run these workshops? ……

We have just received a response which you can find a copy of below.

Link 1 : Meeting with others safely

Link 2 : Guidance on working safely

Link 3 : Guidance within Local areas

The difference in area rules all over the UK means that there is not a clear answer which serves everyone. If you plan to run a workshop please follow the links above and read carefully. Operate within the guidance for your area and whatever you decide to do this year, make sure you, your staff and your customers are safe.

As always we are available to help if you have specific questions on

Please do be extra careful when any rulings change or are updated. Remember to check back in here and with the government website regularly.

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