Statement from the BFA. - British Florist Association

Statement from the BFA.

A statement from the BFA.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the business we rely on, the health and well being of our families and our daily lives.

We are here to help.

In our all our years as an association we have seen many happenings but none as unprecedented as this and now is the time to support not just our BFA members but all of you and share this journey. Coming together as a community our commitment to this industry is as strong as its ever been. 

We at the BFA are taking advice from all government legislation and have the following guidance for you the florist.

You must close your shop to members of the public.

As we write this, working within your business for online and telephone orders, wherever that may be, is still allowed. However, government guidelines also reiterate that you MUST follow social distancing and procedures when making deliveries.

Please listen to all the advice coming from government and act accordingly. The BFA are striving to keep everyone informed as the crisis develops.

We would like to say how amazing you all are and that during this time we all need to keep as calm as we can and take advice as it comes.

We are not closing, we are here and will be throughout.

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