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Unlocking Floral Brilliance with Flowervision Bristol

Flowervision Bristol joined the BFA corporate membership in February and are already an active enthusiastic member, hosting one of the 2024 Hubs in June. We asked then to introduce themselves to you and let us know what they are all about! Here is what they had to say…………….

At Flowervision Bristol, we are dedicated to supporting the vibrant community of florists and plant shops in the Southwest and Wales with an unparalleled selection of fresh flowers and plants. Our partnership with top Dutch exporters, van Duyvenvoorde, and our streamlined logistics network means that our customers enjoy daily deliveries of the freshest stock, ensuring that every bouquet and arrangement exudes perfection.

Next Morning Delivery – A Promise of Freshness

Imagine placing an order until 10 PM and having vibrant fresh flowers at your doorstep the next morning that were cut and auctioned only 24 hours earlier. That’s our promise to you. This unique service is tailored to empower your creativity and business without the constraints of traditional ordering deadlines. Our commitment to freshness is matched by our dedication in supporting your business needs swiftly and efficiently.

Local Expertise, Global Quality

Nestled on Feeder Road in the heart of Bristol, our facility is not just a hub for quality floriculture. It’s a testament to the blend of local expertise and global quality that defines Flowervision Bristol. Our team, agile and knowledgeable, is always on hand to provide the physical support and insights you need to thrive in a competitive market. We have Horticulturalists, Florists, buyers, IT and Logistical specialists as just a part of our experienced team. Our colleagues in Holland also backup the team in Bristol with dedicated buyers overseeing our interests but also speaking to growers daily to ensure they maintain first hand knowledge.

Digital Solutions at Your Fingertips

In today’s digital age, staying connected is more crucial than ever. We embrace this ethos wholeheartedly, offering a state-of-the-art web shop designed specifically for florist trade customers. This digital mobile enabled platform provides convenient access to our extensive product range, latest arrivals, and exclusive offers, all updated in real-time. Recently, we have invested in voice picking technology, the first in our trade to ensure our order picking accuracy and efficiency is both unbeatable and reliable!

Engage With Us

Our preferred channels of communication include Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, as well as direct email interactions. These platforms allow us to engage closely with our clients, offering personalised service and updates on the latest trends and tips in floristry.

Join Our Community

Being a part of the Flowervision family means more than just doing business. It’s about growing together, sharing successes, and navigating challenges with a reliable partner by your side. We invite you to visit us at Flowervision Bristol, where your floral business will bloom brighter than ever and ultimately helping you grow!

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